Bodywork Professionals Continuing Education

This 7-Hour Continuing Education course approved by the Florida Department of Health for massage therapists focuses on clients’ and patients’ common symptoms and complaints.  In this one day hands-on workshop, you will learn:

  • Triggers for head, neck, and jaw pain and how to address them.
  • Effective use of essential oils for muscle spasm and pain.
  • How to identify muscle groups involved in different pain cycles.
  • Effective and efficient routines for jaw and headache patterns.
  • Thorough and specific head and neck routines that will reduce spasm, therefore reducing symptoms and pain.

Course Instructor Shannon Kaul received her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Fitness from Florida State University in 1991 and her diploma in Massage Therapy from the Core Institute in 1990. She has received advanced training in Neuromuscular Therapy, On-Site Massage, and “Mother Massage” for pre/postnatal women.  Shannon has worked with physicians, physical therapists, professional athletes, and is currently the owner of Bodywork Professionals, a company that specializes in on-site massage and corporate wellness.  She also teaches classes at Holistic Institute of Massage Therapy, Inc. in Orlando, Florida.

Please contact us for the dates and locations of upcoming classes.
Pre-registration is required. Tuition with early pre-registration is $160.00.  
If you wish to contact the office or would like more information, please call 407-399-9058

We can also be reached by email at or through our  website at:

Why should you attend this workshop?

Treating the symptoms of headaches and neck pain through pain relievers and muscle relaxers is a multi-billion dollar business.  The techniques and system taught in this class will help you find the root of your clients’ pain. You will learn how to confidently treat the problem, not just mask the symptoms.