Wellness Education - Personal Spa Blends

This innovative and hands-on program will teach guests how to create their own spa products with most ingredients found in their own homes. Each blend will be personalized with the specific aromatherapy oils for their personal needs.  Participants in this workshop will follow recipes to create a sugar exfoliation, an aromatherapy inhaler, and body oil.  This unique program stands alone and is also an excellent enhancement to The Power of Aromatherapy workshop.

Personal Spa Blends is offered two different ways:
As a 60-Minute program and is available for $695.00 for up to 30 guests and $995.00 for up to 50 guests. Participants get to create all three products.

Also, as an addition to any event, a “Spa Blends” station can be set up with an aromatherapist available to help guests create a body oil or and air spritzer.  Pricing starts at $175.00 per hour (two hour minimum).