Student and Customer Testimonials

“I have several clients that suffer from chronic headaches.  After using the specific techniques learned in the class, my clients reported a significant reduction in the frequency and intensity of their headaches.”

Rhoda, LMT 

“My clients say their headaches and neck pain have dramatically decreased since I have been using the new techniques I learned at the class on them.  The Head, Neck, and Jaw Pain class has brought more confidence and quicker results to my therapy sessions.”

Susan, LMT

“This was the first workshop I attended since becoming licensed.  The information was clearly presented and that made it easy to follow.  I left the class feeling motivated to help my patients feel better.”

Jennifer, LMT

“Five years ago, I was told the only way I would get relief from my TMJ syndrome and headaches was with surgery.  The only problem was that I was pregnant and could not have the surgery until the next year.  After several months of treatment, I felt great and was almost completely pain free.  Thanks to Shannon, I never needed the surgery on my jaw.”

Melissa, Client